Provide all students the assurance of best quality learning and researching.


  • To provide qualified and experienced teaching resources.
  • To assure the university curriculum are developed based on needs of students and industries.
  • To help students to achieve their academic goals.
  • To provide education services that support economic development programs.
  • To enable graduates to enhance their careers and to compete in any competitive and demanding employment markets.
  • To provide fast and reliable academic supporting services to all students both on and off campus.
  • To provide students academic advices that lead to achieving academic goals.
  • To provide an excellent environment of teaching, learning, and researching.
Build Bright University which is located in O Ambel village, O Ambel commune, Serei Sophoan district, Banteay Meanchey province is accredited by Parkas Number1391

Build Bright University is built on 2000 square meters of land with a large four floor academic building. Each floor has 7 rooms, equipped with modern equipments and especially equipped with air conditioners which create a comfortable learning environment. Moreover, there is a six-room office building that is well equipped. In the campus, dormitory and canteen are built for students.

Build Bright in Banteay Meanchey was launched on 20 November 2006 with the aim to develop human resource in the region. In addition, to meet strong demand of local people and labor market, Build Bright University has launched associate, bachelor, and master degree.


Geographical Location


Banteay Meanchey is a province that shares borders with Battambang, Siem Reap, Poipet and Oddor Meanchey provinces. Banteay Meanchey has a total land area of 667700 square meters in which the forest covers 21600 hectares, water covers 80850 hectares, rice fields covers 358350 hectares, and residence covers 12500 hectares. It has a total people of 640,014 (132, 322 families).

As land and soil are fertile, more than 70 percent of people work in agriculture. Agricultural crops yield considerable amount that not only help support the family living but also export to other countries such as Vietnam and Thailand. Further, more than 20 percent of the people do all kinds of businesses since Banteay Meanchey is the port of entry and exit for goods, businessmen, and tourists; therefore, the living standard of people in Banteay Meanchey has improved.

These potential factors contribute to the decision of opening Build Bright University Banteay Meanchey.Another reason is to develop human resources in the region that needs quality and sustainability. More importantly,, opening a university in this region helps reduce education expense and helps students who could not afford to pursue their education in Phnom Penh but are interested to gain more knowledge.



Mr. Khuth Vireak

  • Master of Economics Major Accounting and Auditing,NEU, Vietnam.
  • Bachelor of Auditing, NEU, Vietnam.

H\P: +855-12 474323

E-mail: apv.khuth.vireak@gmail.com  

Build Bright University is operated and managed by its own management which comprises of the following people: The President who develops strategic planning and Monitor education service; Allocate human resources according to skills, abilities, and capabilities; Discuss and resolve problems regarding to teaching; Coordinate overall work by holding meeting with office director to fulfill service education and communicate with headquarter. To assist the president are two vice presidents. 

 Mr. Heng Dararith

  • Master of Business Management, BBU, Cambodia.
  • Bachelor of English, BBU, Cambodia.

H\P: +855-92 744 447

E-mail: bbu_dararith@yahoo.com    

First vice-president is responsible for Administration and Finance which means that he is responsible for all revenues and expenses of the university. Review and number all letters in and out and circulate those letters to related offices and institutions. Take care of all university properties. Provide necessary information for students. There are seven staffs in Administration and Finance office. 



  • MBA Candidate, BBU, Cambodia
  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Engineering, RUPP, Cambodia

H\P: +855-12 616 605
E-mail: sovanvatthana@gmail.com                   or    bbu9academic@gmail.com

Second vice-president is responsible for acade mic. He is responsible for developing list of enrolled students, timetable and schedule, and assigning teachers for each class. Follow up students' learning progress and prepare semester and annual examination. Follow up teachers and students' absence and certify letter and documents for students such as study record, transcript, or acknowledgement. There are three staffs in academic office in which one is responsible for foundation year office.


Education Focus


As Build Bright University in Banteay Meanchey just began its academic year (2005-2006) and based on those significant factors above, BBU in BMC focuses mainly on 3 Faculties. They are Faculty of Business Management, Faculty of Education and Language and Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality. In the Faculty of Business Management, we focus on Accounting, Finance and Banking, Marketing, Advertising Management, General Management, International Business, Agri-Business, Program and Project Development, and Agri-Economic. In the Faculty of 

Languages, we have English Literature and Business English. Tourism Mgt and Hospitality Management are in Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality. 

 In response to ACC, BBU has included foundation year education since it first launch. BBU will issue certificate/degree of completion for students who completed their foundation year.

All education programs are carefully selected and developed by the management team to meet the standards of the Accreditation Committee of Cambodia and the demand of labor market.


On 20 November 2006, Build Bright in Banteay Meanchey launched it first academic year and has enrolled 196 students of which 65 students are female. There are 37 students studying in associate degree, 129 in bachelor degree (foundation year) and 30 in first semester of year 3 (students who transferred from other universities).

Finally, Build Bright in Banteay Mean Chey strongly hope and believe that in academic year 2006-2007 Build Bright University will gain more support from local people in this region and hope to get more students than in the previous year.

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