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  • break down the barriers of languages through the appropriate teaching techniques with our qualified instructors;
  • review our English programs and / or syl

Part-Time Course: English for General Purposes (EGP)

     The course is basically prepared for students who wish to communicate with confidence in English for success in career, studies, and all aspects of their life. The Program enable students to develop an understanding of and competence in spoken English; communicate fluently and accurately with other English speaker; develop competence in understanding a variety of reading texts and gain the skills necessary to write appropriate and effective English.

 Who are suitable for?

     Anyone can study the EGP EGAP and ESAP even if you only have basic English skills. To ensure you are enrolled in the appropriate level, you will sit a short placement test on the first day. The test is designed to involve grammar, vocabulary, reading and writing. You may enroll the EGAP, ESAP and / or EGP as a stand-alone program for personal interest or professional advancement and/ or to gain credit towards a degree in your University.

What are the benefits from the courses?

     Upon successful completion of each level, student will develop:

  • The confidence and skills to actively speak out and participate in spoken communication
  • The skills to work effectively in your workplaces.
  • The ability to use different language items according to social context and engage in academic and professional discussions.
  • The skills required to present ideas in a variety of written styles appropriate to the level of your language proficiency


You will receive a certificate of Diploma in English Studies from our Centre for Foreign Languages (CFL) of Build Bright University when you have successfully commpleted all the course series.

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