To achieve overall departmental goals, the office has committed to take three key ponsibilities concerning administration section, academic consultation section, and exam & admission section.

Academic Section:

All general academic supporting documents, applications, and all types of administration letters related to academic affairs in the university and other institutions, will be subjected to handle by staffs who work under this section.

Academic Consultation Section:
While most learners and researchers require more professional services from university prior to enrolling their studies in Build Bright, the academic consultation section has played important role in providing academic consulting services to assist new and existing students during the process of registration and selection of specializations. The consultation aims at promoting awareness of academic programs, academic supporting services, future academic plans and achievements, career opportunities, and directions for further advanced studies and researches.
Exam & Admission Section:
In addition, it is required by the university that each applicant must complete and submit the university application forms along with all required supporting documents to the exam & admission section for their evaluation and admission. In some instances where entry tests are required, applicants will be called in and an appropriated test procedure will be conducted under the exam & admission section.
Academic supporting service under this office is divided into four main sections include statistics section, certification section, state exam section, and teaching resource section. Services and activities of each section are detailed below.
Statistics Sections
All records regarding student's enrolments, intakes, courses, specializations, schools, faculties, groups, classes, sessions, and the final semester and state results are stored on separate academic database. These records can be shared, upon an official request, by students, other related-functional departments, the department of higher education, and the management of build bright university. In addition, problems or inquiries regarding the information will be subjected to the statistics section for appropriate solutions or responses.
Certification Section
Process of issuing, assessing, or certifying of any kind of academic certificates or equivalent papers will be handled under the certification section. This includes short course certificates, diplomas, associate, bachelor, master, or PhD degrees. These certificates or degrees will represent an official permanent or temporary recognition from the university to assure all bearers have successfully fulfilled its conditions and requirements.
State Exam Section
Students who have enrolled to undertake associate or bachelor degree will be once required to successfully pass the state exam at the last year of their enrolment for their degrees. The exam will take place at the end of the second year for associate degree and fourth year for bachelor degree. Those who fail the exam will not be eligible to receive any degree. The process of arranging, controlling, monitoring, marking, assessing, announcing the results, and coordinating exam inspectors from higher education department is under the responsibility of this section.

The Office provides academic supporting services that cover main sections: continued-Education Section, Re-Examination Section, and Credit-Completion Section.

  • Continued-Education Section
  • Re-Examination Section
  • Credit-Completion Section


The Office provides academic supporting services specifically involve examination process and examination papers. Examination process is handled under the examination controlling section. Where as, examination papers are handled under examination paper section.

  • Examination Controlling Section
  • Examination Controlling Section

In assuring the quality standard setout by the university's rules and regulations, the Department of Academic Affairs has expanded its management responsibility to cover academic affairs at all provincial campuses. In addition, the Department of Academic Affairs has maintained and standardized academic supporting services across each campus. Students can easily get access to all services at any Office of Academic Affairs located right on the campus, where they have enrolled their courses.


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